Experts’ Testimonials

Noppadol Paothong’s new book on sage-grouse is stunning! This is a subject that I have always dreamed of shooting and remains one of the last on the wish list. But now after seeing the images and story he has made, I feel my efforts would be futile. The photographs and story are superb and show a rare talent for artful image-making along with a well-researched journalist’s approach.

With historical context, biological details, and good documentation of destructive habitat issues, this is the finest and most complete record of the iconic sage-grouse I have seen.

Jim Brandenburg

Nature Photographer

Passion and commitment are evident page after page in this superb volume by Noppadol Paothong. He demonstrates passion for his craft as a photographer, reaching for excellence frame after frame. He has meticulously amassed the most impressive collection of sage-grouse imagery available.

Noppadol is a committed advocate for this bird and its native habitat, threatened in our country by a combination of factors. The worlds of conservation and photography are lucky to have Noppadol working at their side. Thank you on behalf of the birds.

Sabine Meyer

Photography director, National Audubon Society

In a single book, we now have a complete documentation of the most iconic species in the American West. From hatchlings on the nest to adults in flight, this book displays page after page of photographs that have never been seen before. The bar has been set.

Joel Sartore

Photographer/founder, National Geographic Photo Ark

Previously Noppadol Paothong produced a spectacular book on seven populations of North American grassland grouse, Save the Last Dance, that not only provided the best photographic documentation on these birds, but also revealed their struggles to survive.

He has now presented us with an equally impressive book on the sage-grouse, the largest of North American grouse and the species that is suffering greatly from ever-increasing threats on its sage homelands.

We owe him a debt of gratitude for this amazingly well-illustrated volume depicting the unique beauty of sage-grouse and documenting their keystone role in the ecology of our threatened sagebrush ecosystem.

Paul A. Johnsgard

Author and professor emeritus, University of Nebraska-Lincoln