Workshop Testimonials

I would recommend this workshop without reservation to anyone interested in nature photography.

I came away not just having improved my nature photography skills, but also with a new appreciation of the subjects we shot thanks to Noppadol’s passion for these special birds.

Noppadol individualizes the workshop to match each person’s specific needs.  Anyone at any level of photography will get a lot out of the workshop and enjoy working with Noppadol.

Steve Furcich

Workshop Participant

As an advanced student of all things photography, Noppadol’s workshop was one of the best I have attended. 

His enthusiasm, knowledge in both technical and creative endeavors along with subject matter, and management of workshop details was a complete package.

His ability to quickly see each of his participants edge of growth was much appreciated. 

Not only did I come away with some stellar images, I learned to think and see differently. Thumbs up, 7 stars out of 5 for this workshop!

Kim Meisinger

Workshop Participant

I have long been an admirer of Nop’s imagery and grassland grouse conservation efforts.

When I learned he was offering photography workshops, I jumped at the chance to attend his Greater Sage-grouse workshop and my expectations were exceeded.

Nop conducted a well-prepared and organized workshop.

He offered me a fresh perspective that improved my technical skills as well as the encouragement to move out from my comfort zone.

Sharing his extensive knowledge of grouse behavior was also invaluable in getting spectacular images.


Judy Edgar
Workshop Participant

Nop, I so enjoyed the workshop.  I felt the length of the workshop was just right.

Morning shooting was perfect. Class time was very helpful because of the number of participates you were able to help each with there needs.  So I found that to be most helpful.

Your information and photos were most informative and helpful.

Thank you once again for the wonderful workshop, I felt this was one of the best workshops I have been to.

Your help, concern and willingness to assist in anyway is exceptional.

Dee Wilson

Workshop Participant

I thoroughly enjoyed the Sage Grouse Photography workshop.

It was great to hear your insights on the Sage Grouse and how to photograph them.

The format of the workshop was well thought out and well paced. I enjoyed the group discussions while reviewing our photos from the morning shoots.

The feedback from these discussions gave me some great ideas to try and improve my photography skills.

I appreciated the individual time you took with me and each of the participants to answer any questions we might have.

I have nothing but good things to say about my experience at the workshop.

Tom Arens

Workshop Participant

It is the best wildlife workshop I have ever attended for several reasons.

First of all, you were well prepared by arriving early and scouting and with preparatory emails and phone interviews.

You are passionate about your work and passionate about sharing it.

Your consummate knowledge of Sage Grouse behaviors definitely makes you a Grouse Whisperer. Your lectures were pertinent and succinct.

You really cared about your students.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed this workshop and you especially. You are a heck of a nice guy and so humble for someone as talented and award-winning nature photographer.

Karl Chiang

Workshop Participant

The Nebraska prairie came alive, long before the sun climbed over the horizon.

Nop piqued our curiosity with his discussion the night before, about what we would witness with the grouse and prairie chickens.

He did not underestimate the action of courtship or the beauty of this special moments.

On the first day of our workshop, it became apparent I was in the presence of a man who has mastered the skills of photography and had the ability to help others in their quest for fine images.

Nop knows the birds and their habits so well he can prepare the photographer for those once in a lifetime image.

His enthusiasm for the environment comes through in all that he does. His workshop is not a set back and relax, it is one of excitement, learning, dramatic failure then a heartfelt success.

You may come home with the image you are proud of and then you may find your standards have been raised and you need to go afield, and keep trying. This is called learning. Thanks Nop, for a great experience.

Thomas Rollins

Workshop Participant

I can’t say enough good things about the workshop. It was really, really awesome.

I think the biggest “why/what” was you. You are definitely a true master at wildlife photography, and it shows with the grouse. 

I feel like you did a really good job highlighting why you made creative decisions in a way that was easy to digest and learn from.

The planning of the mornings was top notch, and your knowledge of those birds helped a lot.

You not photographing and giving tips / advice was so helpful. The daily assignments / goals were really helpful in just putting a thought in your mind to try the next day.

The lodging too was great. I learned a ton and came home with a bunch of images I’m really happy with. It was just a fun couple of days.

Alex Becker

Workshop Participant