Readers’ Responses

A book this good is as increasingly rare as the North American grassland grouse themselves. Noppodal Paothong’s “Save the Last Dance”, a masterfully choreographed ballet of species information and exquisite wildlife photography.

Nop’s artistic eye and attention to detail leaps off the page, one stunning image after another. Save the Last Dance” is sure to be an inspiration and a valuable call to action for the preservation of these majestic species.

Wayne Rhodus

I received your book today. All I can say is WOW! And FANTASTIC! Along with EXCELLENT! I especially like the section on Heath Hens – most of us have forgotten about them. Congratulations on job well done, you have honored a noble group of birds!

David Musil

I have looked at your beautiful book at least 3 times and started reading it. Awesome! Absolutely stunning photos!

Carol Creason Weston

The photography is stunning. You have created a work of art. I will surely treasure this book for years.

Chad Smith

You’ve done a great job on your book, and I’m positive that it will help raise awareness about prairie grouse and their plight as they face less and less space in which to live. And that awareness will benefit conservation! So thank you for that!

Jay Pruett

Absolutely beautiful images created by someone who clearly loves photography and the subjects he works so hard to photograph!

Jim McCann

The book is beautiful, informed and I will cherish it. Congratulations. I’ve shown it to several people so far and all with high praise.

Michael Forsberg

I’m loving your book. Outstanding quality in all ways. The layout is very appealing and effective.

Henry Domke

It is truly something my family and I will treasure for the rest of our lives. What a greak book and amazing photographs! I am so previleged to have been a small part of such an amazing compilation of information and photos.

Tom Mong

My copy arrived today. It’s a quality book and a great addition to anyone’s library.

John Hacker

It is a master piece indeed!

Ing Soen

I did receive your book today. It is lovely and quite meaningful. The book will have a special place in our home.

Ricahrd Massa

There aren’t words that can adequately describe the pictures and the story that they tell. I know that on Monday when people ask what I did this weekend I will tell them about this book!

Brett Doennig Meeker