News Coverage

National Audubon Magazine

National Audubon Society Magazine, Fall 2017 issue features my sage-grouse images and the book, Sage Grouse, Icon of the West.

Sage Grouse Initiative - "What's It Like To Photograph Sage Grouse?"

Sage Grouse Initiative, a collaboration group across 11 western states led by USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, features an article on my journey in documenting the life cycle of sage-grouse and their habitats in the west.

Sage Grouse Initiative - "Multimedia Story, Life Cycle of Sage-Grouse"

Sage Grouse Initiative and USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service run a multimedia story on the live cycle of sage-grouse using my sage-grouse images.

National Audubon - "Greater Sage-Grouse Like You've Never Seen Them Before"

National Audubon Society website features many of my sage-grouse images and a detailed article on my journey and sage-grouse.

Columbia Tribune - "Bird man: Photographer captures bigger picture of one species"

Joplin Globe - "Sage grouse book lands amid debate over future of sagebrush plains"

Bird Watching - 3 Inspiring, Essential Books

Here’s hoping Paothong’s work inspires more people to speak up for this iconic American bird.

High Country News - "The iconic bird of the ‘Sagebrush Sea’"

In this vibrant collection, Sage Grouse: Icon of the Westphotographer Noppadol Paothong captures these creatures in their full glory.

Birder's Library

Love of the land. An appreciate for the sage-grouse. This is what will save it. And this is what Sage Grouse: Icon of the West provides. That, and the best collection of photographs of the sage-grouse and its environment that you will find anywhere.