If you live in Missouri, you might be aware of the high quality Missouri Conservationist magazine that’s free to Missouri residents. This month’s issue was no exception.

I’m proud how my article, “Regal Fritillary” in this month’s issue turned out. The regal fritillary is a large, beautiful butterfly species that relies exclusively on high-quality native tallgrass prairies and is in peril due to the loss of habitat. The current issue also includes a lot of good information on planting native plants.

Missouri has a unique system of allocating a part of sales tax for conservation. For example, for every $8 spent on taxable items, one penny goes to conservation. This system allows a yearly budget that’s crucial in maintaining consistent and quality conservation programs, including high quality publications like Missouri Conservationist and Xplor magazine.

I’m proud to contribute my images to share the beauty of nature, increase awareness, and be a voice for voiceless animals that need our attention and care.

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