The 2022 Sage Grouse Photography Workshop was a success!

Everyone had a wonderful time photographing these amazing birds in a beautiful setting of central Wyoming.

Because of the pandemic, workshops in 2020 and 2021 have been delayed until this year!

However, all participants said it was well worth waiting for and some even signed up for my workshop next year again.

Participants not only learned first-hand how to capture sage grouse’s behaviors from my experience in the field, but also learned technical aspects and “art of seeing”.

We got blessed with good weather, and sage grouse’s spring courtship was incredible to witness and photograph.

I’ve spent close to 20 years with these birds, but still I ran into the situations I didn’t see before. For instance, one male had 25-30 females with him, and females were competing for his attention.

Check out my Facebook page to see images from the workshop participants that they graciously agree to share!