For some time I’d been wanting to shoot additional images I felt needed to tell a better story of the birds, including habitat images and environmental issues.

So, on March 28, I embarked a 3-week trip (20 days to be exact – the path indicated by the blue line on the map)

In essence, it was some of the most intense photo shooting I’ve ever done.  But it also was the most incredible 20 days.

During this 3-week trip, I traveled over 5,000 miles, encountered 4 blizzards, lost one of my photo blinds (I had to leave it behind in Wyomying because it was frozen solid on the ground), had one flat tire, and made friends with several incredibly passionate and talented people, such as Dr. Jessica Young, Dr. Patrick Magee, Tony Mong, David Showalter, Sue Selman, Mitch Glidden, Sandy Guerrieri, Lief Wiechman, and many more.

I’m planning to include the stories of these people in my book. These people spend an enormous amount of time and energy to save these species. They are the ones who inspire me to keep going on this project and continue to document these magnificent species.

In the following blogs, I’ll try to write a little bit about this journey.