While working on my “Sage Grouse, Icon of the West” book, I’ve met many incredible people from all perspectives and occupations including 12-year-old Desi.

She has grown up working on a cattle ranch with her father, Duane, a third-generation rancher in the northern Nevada high desert.

Even at her young age, she understands the concept of conserving wildlife while making a living on the land. People may have different opinions, but people can work together to achieve a common goal to conserve natural resources for our future generations. It is our responsibility, and that’s how a civil society works.

Young Desi expressed that concept in an essay she wrote as a plea to protect the habitat where she lives and has grown to love.

In her article, she says, “I think sagebrush conservation is important for everyone. In truth, we might not like it all the time, but we need the sagebrush and the cattle to be able to live and work in Nevada.

The sagebrush, the sage grouse and the cows all balance each other out because we can all get along. This plant is a big part of our lives, and I hope it will continue to be.”

Follow the link below for Desi’s complete essay. I think you will be impressed of what we can learn from her perspective: Link