“The Bureau of Land Management began auctioning 758,198 acres of federal acres of oil and gas leases Monday, including some in a pristine area northeast of Farson biologists call the Golden Triangle.” (Read the article for more details.)

According to Tom Christiansen who I believe knows more about sage-grouse in Wyoming than anybody, it is where the highest density of sage-grouse resides in Wyoming and on Earth. It is also where I took this picture with the largest gathering of sage-grouse. And it is a shock to hear that the sale of these core areas of sage-grouse habitat may have been prioritized.

I’ve met many conservationists, biologists, and ranchers. While their conservation methods may differ, their passion, dedication, and devotion to preserve the birds and the land of the West bring them together to work on a common goal.

We CAN and we MUST work together for this common goal. The consequence of not protecting sage-grouse could impact the land use in the near future and this ecosystem for generations.

I sincerely hope that we can preserve these key habitats for this beautiful species, for our future generations, because they do deserve better. Please take your time to voice your concerns. It is very urgent.